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Step inside our tribute to the scary dark rides of America's bygone amusement parks. All those who pass through these portals may never be the same. Play trick-or-treat with these haunted neighborhoods, but watch out for Mort the Spook and other denizens of the dark. The next scream you hear may be your own!

You start out in darkness and as you push the buttons, lights, sound effects and motion enlivens each vignette. Make your way from cavern to cavern through The Pirates of Haunted Cove, Trick-or-Treat Town, The Killer Cows from Udder Space, Zombie Mountain, Slayland-at-the-Beach, They're Taking over the Neighborhood, and MonstroCity. Out artists have really outdone themselves with ingenious lighting and carved villages.

Be sure to meet our 3000-year old mummy with a secret!

Dark Mystery Dark Mystery Dark Mystery Dark Mystery

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