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Lovely Lucy The "Side Show" area features several amazing exhibits representing the kinds of shows that were popular in the 1930s. Front and center is the miniature Side Show midway featuring the ballyhoo stage and a line of banners advertising the stars of the Sells-Floto Circus Side Show. This display, hand-carved by Don Marcks, also allows visitors to peer inside the tent and see the likes of the Sword Swallower, Armless Woman, Tattooed Lady, and the amazing Living Headless Woman!

Click on me to see a LARGER VERSION! On the life-size Side Show stage visitors will view replicas of the Disembodied Princess, the Half Girl and the Electric Woman. Guests will also have the opportunity to open display windows and meet Big Myrtle (born with 2-heads and 5-arms), the Fiji Mermaid, the Elephant Man, Devil Boy, the Cobra Woman, and the Atomic Fish. For the very brave, you may even unlock the battered, old curiosity cabinet to reveal a weird collection of "Nature's Mistakes".

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